Serendipity Swing


Serendipity SwingSerendipity Swing, “a little big band,”  is an Eight-Musician Ensemble with a female and male vocalist from Buffalo,  New York,  that performs music associated with the Golden Age of Glamorous Ballrooms,  Classy Supper Clubs,  the Most Elegant of Private Parties,  and the Great American Songbook.  The music library,  with over 500 titles,  contains selections which explore and mirror the beauty of the music elements; melody,  harmony and rhythm.  It is music that is artful,  graceful,  whimsical,  and listenable.  The melodies are memorable.  The harmonies are soothing and rich in texture.  The tempos,  rhythms,  are danceable and toe-tapping.

Serendipity Swing performs music reflective of a period of time when style,  elegance,  sophistication,  professionalism and social graces were not just merely words,  but attributes desired,  expected and appreciated.

If it is a dinner dance at the Country Club,  Yacht Club or your favorite restaurant,  a fundraiser,  a concert,  a wedding reception,  a brunch or luncheon,  an anniversary celebration,  or for the anytime celebrations in your life,  Serendipity Swing is an excellent choice when you want the best for yourself and your guests.

Serendipity Swing performs for your enjoyment,  not disturbing you or your guests,  but strives to enhance your event,  adding the quality and sophistication you deserve.  Sound reinforcement is minimal and centered,  not spread out to interrupt you,  or anyone’s conversation.

Serendipity Swing is an ensemble that is also available during the daytime hours,  and during the week,  so there is no reason not to enjoy quality music,  when you want it.

Serendipity Swing is a self-contained ensemble.  We provide our own sound system,  and all we ask is for access to electrical outlets near our staging/performing area.  A brief word about our use of a sound system.  For our purposes,  our system is only used for vocal and solo instrument enhancement,  not to take over your event or command attention.  Our desired staging area is 16 feet wide by 8 feet deep.  A riser is not necessary, and we need eight (8) no armed chairs.

Serendipity Swing will dress appropriately for your occasion,  and will follow the guidelines and expectations of any professional event.  All of the members of  Serendipity Swing are professional musicians of integrity and civility.


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